A Field Guide to Choosing a Celebrity Spokesperson

Endorsements, at their core, work by implying that a celebrity’s talents, attractiveness, or success are in some part due to the product’s benefits. Hiring a celebrity to endorse a brand or product can increase demand, boost recognition and attract new customers.

That said, aligning your brand with a celebrity spokesperson can be a tricky proposition for a variety of reasons. It’s an expensive exercise and the cost is directly proportional to the star’s celebrity and audience. Celebrities will likely want some creative involvement without necessarily possessing working knowledge of how advertising strategy works. A celebrity often comes accompanied by an entourage of lawyers, agents, family and a wealth of contractual considerations. In the digital era, there is a magnified risk of an untamed celebrity being caught in the wild with his pants down or rattling off an offensive tweet that can be devastating for a brand. Finally, finding the correct fit for a celebrity and product can be a shot in the dark when credibility and notoriety seldom go hand in hand.

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