The Two-Minute Radio Advertorial

Updated: Jan 28

People Hate Radio Commercials So We Made Them Longer!

As an advertiser, there’s one simple truth that—once you accept it— will set you free (and increase ROI):

People hate advertisements.

Your audience is exposed to around 5,000 advertising messages a day, and they’re experts at tuning them out. That’s why Wingman’s goal is to create radio advertorials that don’t sound like advertIsing. We create radio spots that fly beneath the audience’s well-tuned advertising-aversion radars. It’s no easy task, but over the yEars we’ve honed a below-the-radar strategy that’s so successful it drives three to four times the response of a typical 60-second radio ad. We call it the two-minute radio advertorial spot.

Our radio advertorial strategy gives the audience permission to drop its defenses and pay attention to your message. These commercials always feature a radio DJ or talk show host engaging in what appears to be a natural conversation with a brand representative. But the conversation seamlessly evolves into a long-form commercial for a product or service.

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