The Cheater’s Secret to Writing Radio Spots That Convert: Talk to the Salespeople

Updated: Jan 28

For every new radio client we take on, Wingman initiates a thorough creative discovery process to create our radio media planning and buying strategy. After learning about the company’s competition and market position, there’s one tactic in our bag of tricks that without fail provides the most practical and effective insights for writing radio spots that convert.

We talk with the salespeople. Okay, we go a bit further than that. We harass the salespeople. We listen in on their phone calls. We follow them on sales appointments. We even take them out to lunch. That’s because a good salesperson has nuggets of information we’d never find anywhere else. Outside salespeople and on-the-floor or over-the-phone customer service reps work in the trenches. They talk directly to customers and always have a honed, tried-and-true sales pitch forged through countless interactions.

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